Hi, I’m Ulu 🙂

I’m an independent designer and web developer raised and based on Maui, and I built this site with the help of collaborators near and far.

About this site

I’m privileged to be a digital designer with loved ones and colleagues across the world. In the wake of the wildfires I received dozens of emails and messages daily from people who are eager to help, but are overwhelmed by the number of resources and are unsure how to make the greatest impact.

I quickly saw a need for a resource for centralized support resources that is digestible and reduces decision fatigue. The goal of this site is to both be a resource for faraway supporters to give with impact, and for Maui kama’aina to have something that’s easy to share with loved ones.

Here's an incomplete list of the sites from which these resources have been collected.

How to support

I envision it to be continually updated in the years ahead—so that the resources provided are always reflective of our current stage of recovery. With that in mind:

  • If you live on Maui, feel free to share resources that you’d like to see included here
  • If you’re outside of Maui, we’d love to hear how Maui is on your mind.

I always see these buttons on open source, one-developer sites. As I will repeat often, I and my family were not materially affected by the wildfires, and do not need donations. But you can consider this button a way to provide to the community without thinking too hard—every penny received will go towards one or more of the relief efforts listed.